NYT article echoes previous reader on diverse books .. and some must-read books

A propos the previous Parent’s reader... the NYT published this yesterday:

Mirrors for My Daughter’s Bookshelf

An excerpt:

“The education professor Rudine Sims Bishop uses the metaphor of windows, sliding glass doors and mirrors to illustrate why diverse literature is so important. Books can be windows into worlds previously unknown to the reader; they open like sliding glass doors to allow the reader inside. But books can also be mirrors. When books reflect back to us our own experiences, when scenes and sentences strike us as so true they are anchors mooring us to the text, it tells readers their lives and experiences are valued. When children do not see themselves in books, the message is just as clear.”

Two more great book lists for your kids (and yourselves):

Children’s Books That Tackle Race and Ethnicity

Standing Together: 50 Mighty Girl Books
Celebrating Diversity and Acceptance

(thanks, Anuja for that second list!)

Two recent favorites of mine (that really should both be required reading):

The brilliant, epic, debut novel by the 26-year old Yaa Gyasi:

and the much-praised, powerful and moving:

Both very fast reads!

As always thanks for reading!

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